Priyanka Gupta, Yoga Instructor (Delhi)

Priyanka has been practicing Sivanandas’ Hatha Yoga since she was 17. She spent months in ashrams teaching and assisting, yet wanted to deepen her awareness and understanding of the breath and embarked on a journey of Vipassana meditation. The two different approaches overlapped to strengthen her yoga practice – which led to her to Ashtanga Yoga at the Pattabhi Jois Institute. She has continued to explore other forms such as Acro Yoga, Jivamukti, Anusara, Partner and Yin Yoga. The different styles have served to enrich her teaching abilities since she teaches a traditional form of personalized yoga; catering to expats, diplomats and ambassadors' wives. This requires her to be well versed in all the forms of yoga, that are being offered in the 21st century, and allows her to blend the traditional with the new wave that has taken the world by storm...Her free time is spent exploring, learning and teaching at yoga festivals, travelling and learning different dance forms such as kizomba, bachatta and salsa. She is currently exploring 3D solutions with her family.