Arijit Ganguly, Journey Leader (Delhi)

Arijit (Ari) is a true Delhite who was born and raised there, apart from a 2-year stint in London. He was the man behind Delhified, an entity that used to organize semi-guided walking and driving tours for first time visitors to the Indian capital to get Delhi-fied! This means making people experience the metropolis like an insider. He has picked 15 places that are an iconic representation of the bustling city and promises to make travelers fall in love with Delhi in 8 hours. Different facets of history, modern Delhi, architecture, markets, food, and several other stories are woven together to make the visits truly memorable. He is an avid coffee drinker and connoisseur who has organized coffee appreciation sessions while he was running an organic cafe that was rated #1 on TripAdvisor.  He regularly works with charitable organisations such as Magic Bus to help them improve their impact through data and analysis. Ari has always been a traveler and explorer. During his time working in the corporate sector and  the startup world, he visited more than 50 countries, from Iceland to Israel.