Upcoming Journeys


Reboot: A 7 day Live for Vitality juice cleanse in Bali

8-15 April, 2018

Join us for a transformative Live for Vitality one week detox retreat in beautiful Bali led by none other than Dr. Andrea Paige. Live for Vitality is a portal for self-empowerment. Andrea uses the slogan to remind people to wrap their life around health - around feeling good, around living re-calibrated to Truth (your own, not hers), and around waking up everyday with maximized vitality. Most people in the modern world simply don’t know what it’s like to feel good. Engaging with Andrea and Live for vitality is an invitation for self-inquiry and a life-transforming opportunity to re-prioritize what you DO and how you show up in your life - to maximize the ride. Embracing modalities of Fasting, Yoga, Non-Duality, Mindfulness, Empowerment-based Astrology, Tantra, Restorative Practices, and activating lectures to create a mind-shift in your worldview… Working with Andrea is a holistic offering, not yet seen in the modern “Health” world. Truly invigorating at all levels and enhancing a quality of awareness not yet seen in more guru-based modalities, Andrea hits the nail on the head, time after time. People simply have maximized success and can fast-forward years of “learning” by just embracing these simple life practices and tools for self-reflection


Experience INDIA like an Insider

4-10 March, 2018

Our Travel Collective Insiders (TCI) Arijit and Nikhil will show you the Indian capital in a way you have never experienced before. Fall in love with Delhi’s past and present through a curated visit to its historic sites, pristine organic farm villas on the outskirts, cultural activities and some old world Ayurvedic relaxation. We will do early morning yoga with a view on a rooftop daily. Get your rhythm on for a classical music and instruments workshop fused with a touch of contemporary Bollywood. Then, immerse yourself in a traditional cooking class to learn about the evolution of Indian food. Experience tea like a professional taster with a visit to a boutique tea studio to learn the art of drinking tea and end your evening with a pub crawl. We will take you for a street walk with guides from Salaam Balak Trust— an NGO that cares for and educates street children to give them a new life. Your guide will be a former street child who has been rehabilitated through the Trust and has unique knowledge of the city.


Yoga and trekking adventure in nepal

10-16 June 2018

If you have a passion for living a holistic life filled with adventure and self-discovery, this journey is for you. All the experiences are tailored around keeping the five natural elements of earth, water, fire, air and the spirit in mind. Set in the stunning backdrop of the Himalayas in Nepal, you will get a chance to do some inner exploration through guided meditation, yoga, Tibetan sound therapy, dance, trekking and more. Live like a local as you lodge in mountain huts and eat authentic home cooked Nepali food as we travel through the mountains. Our Travel Collective Insiders (TCI) Raj Tamang and Sunil Sharma of Responsible Adventures will lead the Nepali journey. They are experts who specialize in tailored trips for small groups of people through the spiritual mountains of the landlocked nation.


FUTURE Journeys

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