Creating life-changing and empowering travel experiences for individuals to grow holistically and gain unique knowledge of local cultures


About Heartsoul Journey

Heartsoul Journey was founded to provide empowering and transformational travel experiences to individuals in a holistic way. We offer our clients meaningful adventures through our specialized and tailor-made journeys. We are big believers in collaboration and feel the world is a better and happier place when people embrace differences and work together to share their individual expertise in a productive way for the growth of others. We have a dedicated network and community of local experts from various fields as well as backgrounds that have been personally vetted and picked out for each experience. We like to call our global group of personally picked experts our Travel Collective Insiders


THE PATH LEss travelled

Heartsoul Journey brings together our passion for travel, culture, music as well as meeting different people in a synergetic way, all while keeping the local community in mind and celebrating diversity. We offer niche journeys that focus on everything from relaxation, rejuvenation, fitness, art, culture, the environment, social causes, coffee, yoga, detoxing, trekking and more. We can tailor make retreats from scratch based on your specific requirements. Join us on the path less travelled as we transform your travels.




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